Apr 29, 2013

Girl Scout Luncheon ~ Fayette County Events Photographer

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with our local girl scouts AND their American Doll Girls at Prime Community Park~Secret Garden!!  It was really cute!  Just look at how adorable they are with them.  some of the girls even wore their matching outfits! :)

There were 2 different age groups that attended, but both groups had a blast and brought their cutie dolls!

They were all taught a dance.  The girls really enjoyed this and danced with their dolls as well.  Again, it was really CUTE!! :)

I took pics of each of the girls and their dolls, this is just a few!! :)

Mrs. Karen volunteered her time and talents and taught the girls their dances that they learned.  She is also the owner of Southern Oaks here in Fayetteville and beautiful events center with a pinch of southern hospitality! :)

Apr 25, 2013

Fab'rik Peachtree City ~ Senior Portrait Discounts ~ Atlanta Commercial Photographer

I want to tell you guys about an AWESOME boutique in Peachtree City!  There are actually Fab'rik stores all over the US, but I am working with the Peachtree City store specifically to offer a FABULOUS discount to all you High School Seniors out there. 

Book a session with Dorothy Nicole Photography and receive a complimentary appointment with one of Fab'rik's personal stylists AND get 20% OFF your purchase.  I'm gonna sweeten the deal for you too...You'll also get 20% off your session fee and print purchase with ME! :)

Look at this FAB store...

The concept of the boutique is simple.  Come in, relax, and shop unique, high fashion clothing and accessories WITHOUT the sticker shock.  All items are under $100 (other than designer jean collections).  If you see something you LOVE, you better buy it, b/c it'll soon be gone.  Quantities are limited b/c they want you to have originality.  But don't worry, if you miss out on a certain item, they have plenty of OTHER CUTE and unique clothing to take it's place.

Not sure what to shop for?  No worries, they have personal stylists on hand simply to help you pick the PERFECT outfit.

Check out their Facebook Page to hear about sales, specials, and see sneak peeks of new products!!

Take a look at some of their gorgeous accessories...

important intimates...

Jeans for all occasions...

Look at these awesome spring colors.  You'll quickly become one of their Fab'rik "addicts" as they say!!

Awesomely unique accessories EVERYWHERE!

  They will have you ready for spring in summer in NO time at all!

To die for, right?

I know you want at LEAST one of these handbags...

You won't believe how delish these candle smell!

Come with your girlfriends and receive a complimentary glass of wine or a yummy drink.  Just sit back, relax, and shop!!

If you're like me, it's hard to get out and shop with the kids.  No worries here, they have a play area...GENIUS, right? My 2 year old stayed in here practically the whole time.  It was AWESOME! :)

So head on over today!!  And don't forget to book your SENIOR portraits with me and receive your AWESOME discounts with Fab'rik and Dorothy Nicole Photography!! :)

Apr 23, 2013

Miss Amanda ~ Fayetteville, GA Senior Portrait Photographer

I was absolutely thrilled when Amanda asked me to take her Senior portraits.  She such a beautiful young lady inside AND out!!!  She's graduating this year in May and is already excited for college! Can you blame her?  She wants to be a pediatrician and I know she'll be great at it b/c she really is so sweet AND smart!!

Good luck Amanda!  I hope you LOVE your pic because I sure do!!

Apr 22, 2013

Newborn photography tips ~ Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

I am beyond thrilled to have a guest blogger today!  She is Kristen Duke, pretty much a Jack of all trades, but today she's giving you and I tips on newborn photography!!  Whether you're a professional or just a DIY kind of mom, you're gonna want to read this post.   She has some GREAT suggestions!

I'm so happy to be guest posting today, and share some fun tips on photographing newborns! To introduce myself, my name is Kristen Duke and I blog over at Capturing Joy. I started blogging by sharing sneak peeks of my portrait sessions, but now share so much more: home projects, recipes, parties, and fashion!
 Kristen Duke
Today, I'm chatting about photographing a newborn! Whether you hire a photographer or take them yourself, here are some tips to think about.

1. To get PRIME newborn pictures, take them within the first 2 weeks of life, if possible. Babies are more sleepy and easier to pose.

2. I like to use the background of my clients home, to make it more personal. Sometimes the baby room, sometimes the family room. It is fun to include elements in the home such as the crib, a rocking chair, dresser, or rug. I like to freeze the moment in time and capture the scene to tell their story at that time in life. The only downside to that is new parents often have a little bit of a mess, but I try to mention ahead of time that I'd like to use the nursery of somewhere in the home in the shots.

3. I like to use parents as a backdrop as well. Babies are cute by themselves, but parents are important and need to be documented, too. Most moms won't love the way they look, but I think it is important to include them, if only a brush of their face, or part of their hand.
4. Use a blanket as a backdrop. I used to have a backdrop set up at my home, and have clients come to me, but I have stopped doing that. This is the only type of session I actually enjoy the look of a backdrop... but still prefer the backdrop of the home.

I really enjoy the photo journalistic side of newborn sessions.

5. I often bring a handful of blankets with texture, solid black furry blanket, and beanbag. I will also throw in a few diaper covers (crocheted or cloth diapers), hats, etc. but I like to use the special blankets or hats that the parents have bought for their child instead of using mine and then leaving with it. But I do provide it as an option. A Boppy pillow is also a great place to set the newborn with a blanket in between. I also tell parents to wear solid colors (prefer black) to be a makeshift "background" as they cradle the baby. Long sleeves are best.

6. Keep it warm! I often suggest to crank the heat up in the home so baby will be cozy and happy. Have them fed (and happy) just before the shoot, but if crankiness occurs, I just plan to sit and chat while they are fed--and am constantly reassuring the parents that this is normal. Binkys on hand are great, white noise, but I am regularly rocking and shushing (in a rhythmic way) the baby myself and will place them in the spot I have in mind.

7. Eyes opened/eyes closed. I like both. I do not have the sleep-baby-posed-just-so-with-hands-tucked-under-chin pose down. There are videos on you tube, I've seen people do it, but I guess I don't try enough because it isn't my thing.

8. I often bring my bean bag as close to a window as I can with the baby facing it, grab a kitchen chair to stand on, get above the baby and shoot down below. Great angle. Great Light. The above shot is just that.

9. I am not a big fan of "baby outfits." You have newborn portraits taken to see that fresh new baby-ness, not the cute little outfit you bought with just a head poking out. I like to shoot partial nudity. Naked with a diaper/diaper cover on. It is a good thing to discuss ahead of time with the parents so it isn't an awkward thing there. If they are completely against any form of nudity then I love the clean look of a white onesie. If possible, strip them down to the desired look well before the shoot/before feeding and wrap them cozy in a blanket so as not to disrupt that peaceful phase as you being shooting.  

10. I take close ups of the feet, and often cradled in mom or dads hands to show the size difference.

11. Pee and poop is inevitable. Embrace it, friends, and laugh with it. Those can be fun shots, too! I also like to capture a little cranky face. Seems sad at the time, but I enjoy viewing that raw emotion later.


12. Unless there is a lot of colorful home decor, I often show the majority of my images in black and white. There is something so pure and simple about that look, and often the baby skin has blemishes that are hidden with black and white. Here are more of my newborn portraits. This is such a beautiful time of life. The new addition to a family, the joy, the love. I do my best to capture that emotion and tenderness. If you want to be a better photographer and take pictures yourself of your newborn, check out my book, Say NO to Auto with simple steps on learning your manual settings.


Apr 18, 2013

Gift Certificates ~ Atlanta Wedding, Senior portraits, and Family Photographer

I am so excited! Dorothy Nicole Photography now has gift certificates! I know what you're thinking, "how professional of you, Nicole". Thanks, I think so too! haha! 

They can be given for any amount and to whomever you would like. 

My first recipient will be a lucky teacher at my daughters pre-school! I know just about ANY mother out there would love one for Mothers Day!! :) 

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