Jul 19, 2013

Photography Tip l Non-Professional Camera l Atlanta Photographer

Funny thing...I get emails every now and then, from friends or FB acquaintances that want to know, what's a good (non-professional) camera to buy?  And I always give them the same answer...a Canon Rebel.  Since I'm a canon girl myself, I think this is a good starting point.

You can buy a Rebel Kit for around $650.  Also, don't be afraid to buy used from a power seller on Ebay OR I buy my equipment from Adorama.  You can buy new or used equipment and with their ratings system you know what kind of shape it's in.  I completely trust the!  I just bought my brand spankin' new camera from them and I could not be any happier!! So go check out Adorama!!!

A Rebel is a DSLR camera with some great features.  It may not have all the bells and whistle a professional grade camera has, but It's a VERY nice camera for a non-professional.  

Now, I must say...once you start using this camera, I'm sure you'll be amazed by it's quickness and sharpness and other capabilites, but if you don't understand the basics of photography, you're still gonna get the same type pictures as your little point and shoot.  Sure your images may be a little more vibrant and sharp, but you still need to learn your camera.  So once you get it, do me a favor and take out the manual (you know, that little white book that comes inside the box) and READ it!!  Heck, watch some videos on you tube.  I think you'll be VERY surprised on what you can learn! :)


Jul 17, 2013

Dorothy Nicole Photography - The Shop

A couple weeks ago I posted this image... 

 And I was surprised by all the comments and "shares".  Apparently, there are people out there (well,  LDS people) that want some artwork of the Atlanta LDS temple on their walls.  So, I figured I might as well give the people what they want! LOL! :)

So I created a SHOP for you guys to purchase from.  Right now I'm just selling the digital files, but I hope to sell prints or even framing in the future.  Just think of this as the BETA! :)

Also, I plan on taking and selling more images.  Other images that the general public might be interested in, such as the Atlanta skyline. 

I'm pretty excited about this venture, so please share with anyone you may know that holds this specific temple dear to them or maybe they just live in ATL.

I have a few different options to choose from, 10x30, 10x20, and prints for the kids rooms.

So head on over and take a look.  Click HERE for the shop.

Thanks, everyone  for the support!!

Jul 15, 2013

The {S} Family - Newnan Family Photographer - Newnan Square

First, let me say, I LOVE shooting around the Newnan Square. Every square inch is a potential backdrop.  It feels like such an awesome community there.  You've gotta love a good southern small town square! :)

Second, I have to say it was such a pleasure meeting this family and their ADORABLE little girl.  Seriously, look at her eyes!! She's ADORABLE!

I love taking pictures for families b/c I just love to hear their stories, like how they met, what are their careers, and where have they lived.  This little family had a great story too!  It was a pleasure to get to know them!

Jul 10, 2013

Clayton+Ashley ~ Married, Atlanta LDS Temple ~ Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Funny Story...I briefly knew this Bride when I moved to Montgomery, AL almost 10 years ago.  I believed she graduated from high school a year after we moved there.  So here we are years later and they've asked me to take pics on their Wedding Day!  L-O-V-E!!!  What makes the story even better??  They were married in the same LDS Temple that my hubs and I were married in!  Super L-O-V-E!!!

They are really such a sweet couple.  The morning had a few "bumps" in the plans (as most wedding do), but when she finally got to see her groom during the "reveal", the bride was finally able to breath.  So sweet!!!  They were definitely MADE for each other! :)  

Their reception was in Alabama, so unfortunately I wasn't there to photograph it, but I have no doubt it was LOVELY.  They were married and immediately moved off to Arizona, but I am so glad I was able to spend a short time with them.  I wish them the very happiest life together!! :)

First look...

First appearance as husband and wife....

Jul 8, 2013

Products ~ Brag Book ~ Atlanta Photographer

I'm so excited... I've been ordering products lately to show my clients when we view their gallery together!! I just love being able to show off all the cool stuff they can do with their images.  For now, I'm starting with the basics and I thought I'd give a peek to my blog readers!! :)

Today I'm showing off the cutest little spiral bound brag books.  This is a 5x7 and perfect for the coffee table or to keep on a shelf (if you must).

I love the thick spirals and the cover image is thick and durable, just like a book.  The front image can also be personally customized just for you! :)

It comes with 20 images, more can be added, and it completely lays flat.

ANd the best part, is it can also stand up like a picture frame...PERFECT, right? It's an album... it's a frame...NO, it's a...ugh, Album Frame??  Well, whatever it is...it's AWESOME!! 

So you love it like I do?  Well, when we visit, I'll be sure to tell you all about it and order one just for you!! :)

Jul 3, 2013

Photography Tips ~ Proper Lighting ~ Dorothy Nicole Photography

I frequently get emails asking questions like, "What's a good camera to buy?" or "What editing software do I use?", and other similar questions.  I get it!  You want to be able to take better "everyday" pics of your own kids!  And who can blame you?!!  I wanted to as well, that's what first ignited my interest in photography.  

My answer, as far as a good camera...the best camera to use is the one you have with you!!  Seriously!!  In this day and age, even cell phones have a pretty good quality to them.  Personally, I lug my iphone around a HECK of a lot more than I do my fancy camera.  And it takes pretty good pics, especially if I am outside b/c natural lighting is AWESOME!!  Which brings me to my topic...Lighting!!

It's doesn't matter the kind of camera you have or how you edit, if it's not a good image, there's only so much you can do.  So I am going to be regularly making posts with little tips to help you take better "everyday" images of your kiddos and family!!

So, LIGHTING....It's a BIG deal!!  Below I took some images of my daughter (ignore her pouty face, she can't help it, but it's cute, right?).  I had my camera on the same exact settings, but different lighting situations, facing towards a window, sitting beside a window, and sitting with her back to a window.  These are straight out of the camera, NO editing!!  Take a look...

This is my daughter with her body facing a window.  Pay attention to how clear it is. Her complexion looks smooth. If you look close you can see light (or even me) reflecting in her eyes.  PS, eyes MAKE a picture GREAT! :)

Ok, this is my pouty little girl sitting next to a window. The light is coming in from the left.  Her eyes are not so clear, the image isn't quite as crisp.  Her complexion is a little blotchy and look at the shadows...eek!

Ok, same camera settings again, but this time she is sitting in front of the window, light is behind her.  Her eyes are dark and AGAIN with the SHADOWS, ugh!!!  I guess her complexion isn't as bad as the last one.  Definitely not a sharp image that I would want to hang on my walls.

So, as you can see, lighting is pretty important.   The same rules apply if your outside as well.  

One more tip.  If you are outside in the middle of the day, try to find some good shade.  You'll still get the awesome effects of natural light but without all the squinty eyes and shadows.

Now, go practice with your kids, it's ok if you just have a point and shoot or an iphone, You'll definitely see a difference if you use proper lighting! :)

Also, don't forget the giveaway I have going on right now!!  Enter to win some cute stuff HERE!!

PS, come on back and leave me a comment telling me how you did! :)

Jul 1, 2013

Small Fry Cutie Pie ~ Giveaway ~ Dorothy Nicole Photography ~ Atlanta Photographer

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I am so excited to give you guys another giveaway!  This giveaway is so fun because it's a new idea...at least to me!!  Her business name is Small Fry Cutie Pie.  You can go to her Esty page HERE and her FB page HERE!  She just recently created the prototype and is making her products even more awesome with every passing day!  What is her product you ask?

It's called BIBB'IT's!!  Basically it's a onsie with a snap on/off decorative bib with matching shorts/skirt.  Perfect for those droolie babies or worse, acid reflux.  My oldest had the WORST case of Acid reflux and we would have to change her clothes DAILY.  She lived in those ugly thick bibs.  So, personally, I would have LOVED this product 7 years ago.  

With this giveaway, you'll win a choice of THREE products...

A bibb'it for a baby girl with 2 matching decorative bibs..

A bibb'it for a baby boy with 2 matching bibs, one being a faux tie (so cute)...

Or if you don't have a baby, then this cute little dress for an older child.  Ribbons have buttons on them to make this dress adjustable.  Size can be customized.

Here's some other products she's made.  I LOVE the little tie BIBs and the owls are SO cute!! She can even add a little something on a t-shirt for your older kiddos.

So, want to know how to enter?

It's easy just enter below.  You can earn MULTIPLE points and DAILY!!  The giveaway will end on Friday!!  

Good Luck

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