Apr 3, 2013

Spring Break ~ Dorothy Nicole Photography

Things are pretty quiet here this week.  It's Spring Break, the kids are home and we've had some lazy mornings.  Pretty much all my clients or potential clients are out of town and I can't WAIT to be gone as well!! 

Where are we going?  Well, the BEACH of course.  This beach to be exact...

Isn't it breathtaking?!  No, I did not take this picture.  This is Ft. Pickens  I got this image from this website HERE.  We're doing something a little bit different this year.  I LOVE the beach and my husband LOVES to camp, so we're camping at the beach.  It should be fun!  I'd prefer an awesome little condo, but my hubby and the kids are BEYOND excited, so that makes me happy and excited too!!

What are/we're you're plans for Spring Break?
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