Dec 9, 2013

How to take pictures of Christmas lights | Tutorial | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

This morning I got an email from a client asking me for some tips on how to take pictures of her Christmas tree.  I love it when clients ask for tips.  I love sharing tips and ideas on my blog, but I take the things I've learn for granted and sometimes I'm not sure what to share.  So I am thrilled when I get questions!!  I am happy to share some tips on this.

First off, I usually shoot in manual mode. This pic was shot in manual mode.  For those of you who know about manual mode, well get back to that in a minute.

Most of you are thinking, "Manual whaaaat?"  Don't worry about.  We can learn more about that later.  For now I'm gonna give you some ways to take pics with your everyday camera and even your iphone. 

Below, I have two pics of Christmas trees.  I shot them in auto mode on my dslr.  The key here is no flash.  Turn that flash OFF!!  Also, the lights in this room are off too.  So the only light will be from your tree.  The first one is pretty, but I like a little more light in my this is where we cheat a little.  Most of you have some type of editing software.  Simply add a little light to your image and Boom!  There ya go!!!  But don't add too much light, that will cause you to add noise to the image and that's no good!

This is another example I shot in Auto.  The problem with shooting in Auto (well, one of them) is that it selects what is in focus for you rather than you selecting what you want in focus.  I would prefer the "peace" ornament be in focus, but if you look closely, the round ornamnet to the right is in focus.  But all in's still pretty! 

Now on to the pic I took below with my iphone.  OK, this is not preferred at all, but it will work and will give you a suitable pic to share online.  Simply take a pic with your iphone (or any smartphone).  Again with lights off and NO flash.  The image will probably be a little dark.  If you like it, use it.  If you don't, plug it into one of your photo editing apps and lighten it a tad.  My favorite editing app is PicTapGo app.  Seriously love it...use it all the time! You're welcome!!

Now again, just add a touch of light.  As you can see in the image below, it does create some noise in the pic, but if viewing it on the small screen, it'll look pretty good!

Again...this is an iphone picture...just making sure we're all clear on that.  LOL!

Now for the real deal.  Manual Mode!!  Manual Mode is when you set the ISO, aperature, and the shutter speed.  I'll save a  lesson on that for a later date, but if you want to give it a whirl, bust out that user guide and learn how to change those settings b/c I'm gonna tell what you should set them at.

OK, here are the settings I use.  You don't want your ISO (light) to be too high b/c you don't want to create noise. These are the setting I used for both the images below

50mm lens
ISO 2500
Apertrue (f-stop) 1.8
Shutter speed 1/40 of a sec.

Also, these images are straight out of the editing!

Now, go give try it yourself!  I'd love too see what you come up with, so whether you use a point and shoot, an iphone, or in auto mode...I want to see them.  Post them on my FB page HERE.  It'll be fun!! :)

Dec 7, 2013

12 Days of Giveaways | FREE gifts for you | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

WOW! I am so excited about what we've got in store for you!!! I've partnered with  Prime Image, LLC & Macaroni Kid Peachtree City to bring to you the most incredible giveaway...Twelve whole days of giveaways from some of the most incredible stores in the area as well as some of the top independent consultants in the country!!  Exciting, right?!  I know!!!

I am so excited about the companies I've partnered with to make this happen! 

Of course there's yours truly, Dorothy Nicole Photography for all your important milestones and photography needs.  

There's Prime Image, LLC.  A perfect circle of success for all your social media needs. 

And also, our very own Macaroni Kid.  Stimulate, entertain and exhaust your kids in Fayette and Coweta counties!!

Now, for the goodies...we seriously have some of the best small and independent businesses around offering some pretty incredible stuff!  I wish I could enter myself.  Maybe I can make an alias and enter...naw, just kidding!  I am just so excited to offer this that I will be happy enough just to send you these awesome gifts.

**Feel free to click on ttheir logo to go to their websites or the product images to for more info on their products!**

Ok, here we gooooooooo...

Town Square Jewelers

They are offering an adorable Pandora® St. Nick Charm. 

Fab'rik of Peachtree City in the Avenues of Peachtree City 

Fab'rik is offering a few things.  First thing, the winner will receive an after hours Rock Star shopping party for no less than 10 of your friends and a 20% discount!  Also, the winner will receive a gift bag with a Fab'rik logo t-shirt and an accessory of your choice. 

Want to get in shape in the New Year.  Tower Place CrossFit has the answer for ya.  One lucky winner will receive one month free membership!
Ever wish you could have some good ole homemade goodies like grandma used to make?  Well, you're in luck, Gina will be giving a gift basket of homemade jelly and a yummy scented candle!

Ici Paris Day Spa & Salon in the Avenues of Peachtree City
Has Holiday Shopping got you stressed to the max?  Don't worry, you can win one of the most sought-after massage therapies...a Swedish massage.  That's right, you can win a gift certificate for a Swedish Massage from the Peachtree City 2012 best salon and spa!! Yeah, that could happen to you!

It Works! Body Wraps with Beverly Grotsky
"Want your sexy back"?  Who doesn't?  Simply enter to win a body wrap to tighten, tone and firm from It works.  Seriously, It works! :)

Style with Jenifer -Jewell Independent Rep

If you haven't heard of Jewell, today is your lucky day.  Some of the cutest handbags and accessories around.  Jenifer will be giving away this adorable scarf to a lucky winner...the Midtown infinity scarf is adorned with on-trend lace, giving your look some extra personality. The Midtown by Jewell is the ultimate layering piece to finish your look. The weather is perfect for it and I hope you win!

Now, go HERE and join her FB goup...just click "join group" and you'll have access to Jenifer's special and deals!

The Exchange on the Fayetteville Square
The exchange is Fayetteville's first choice for upscale fashion.  They are offering a $25 gift certificate for anything in the store.  The possibilities are endless!

Mary Kay with Teresa Eubanks

Teresa is a well known Mary-Kay rep in the Fayetteville area and has something super awesome to win! She wants to give you the gift of a soft touch with the wonderful-for-winter Satin Hands® Pampering Set. It helps keep hands feeling renewed, soothed and pampered.

Rodan + Fields with Jennifer Jones Davis
 We all want to appear younger, right?  Well, we've got the gift that keeps giving. Reclaim or maintain the lips of youth with REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum. Each peptide and antioxidant-rich capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, smoothes lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles.

Salon Synergy in Sharpsburg
Nothing feels better than a fresh haircut & style, right? And isn't salon shampoo the very best?  Salon Synergy will be giving away a free shampoo and a gift certificate for a cut and style.
You don't need a reason to celebrate to have a cake do you?  Well, either way, Karen of Waterlily-Inspired will be giving away 12 of the yummiest cupcakes.  I've personally tasted her cakes and they are literally mouth-watering.  I know the winner will enjoy them.
Origami Owl is an amazing company.  Did you know their founder is a 17 year old girl...impressive to say the least.  Anyway, Jillian is giving away link locket® and 10% off a matching necklace or bracelet. Every jewelry creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going and the dreams you carry in your heart!

All products will be delivered to the winners in person or by mail.  If you've won a service, please contact them and place your order or appointment by March of 2013.  All businesses will be given your contact info as well!

How To Enter

So, do you want to know how to enter? I bet you do!!

Simply use the app below and join our email lists. Click the "Join Our Mailing list" button and input your name and email address along with your city and state. This is important as we don't want our long distant winners to win a service only provided locally!!

That's it...just your name, email, city, and state are mandatory for entry. 

 If you'd like more entries for  better chance of winning one of these awesome gifts, then like all or some of our FB pages.  It's easy, just click the button, you won't even have to leave this page!! 

we will start drawing names on the 12th, but you can continue to enter until the end of the giveaway on Monday the 23rd!! I wish you all GOOD luck and hopefully you'll be hearing from us soon!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you've entered... leave me a comment below and tell me what gift you would love to win!!!  Good Luck!!! :) 

Nov 26, 2013

Clint + Marie | Wedding Day | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

This was such a beautifully simple wedding at the lovely City Garden of Southern Oaks.  It was a beautiful Fall day and I love the fall colors the bride chose.  I love the purple in her dress and just pops!!!!  The bride and groom were too cute.  They were very much in love and so excited to start their lives and family together!!  You can tell they are very grateful to have found each other!  So sweet, right?  

Editing and blogging wedding pics is just the absolute best because I get to relive the joy.  And there was a lot of joy that day!  Congrats Clint & Marie!!

And check out that awesome Limo!!  Contact Fayette Riding in Style today to take a ride!! :)

Nov 20, 2013

Baby {V} | Newborn Session | Peachtree City Newborn Photographer

I was the middle of creating this sweet baby girls birth announcement when I realized I needed to blog her adorable pics!! I had such a great time with her and her family. She was the sweetest baby, but just didn't feel like falling asleep until the end of our session. But a good 20 minutes on her Momma's chest did the trick.  

She is really a gorgeous baby girl, isn't she?  That Daddy is gonna have to fight the boys off with a I right?  I can't wait to watch this sweet girl grow as I'll be taking her 6 month and 12 month pics too!!  Exciting!!

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