Apr 29, 2013

Girl Scout Luncheon ~ Fayette County Events Photographer

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with our local girl scouts AND their American Doll Girls at Prime Community Park~Secret Garden!!  It was really cute!  Just look at how adorable they are with them.  some of the girls even wore their matching outfits! :)

There were 2 different age groups that attended, but both groups had a blast and brought their cutie dolls!

They were all taught a dance.  The girls really enjoyed this and danced with their dolls as well.  Again, it was really CUTE!! :)

I took pics of each of the girls and their dolls, this is just a few!! :)

Mrs. Karen volunteered her time and talents and taught the girls their dances that they learned.  She is also the owner of Southern Oaks here in Fayetteville and beautiful events center with a pinch of southern hospitality! :)

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