Apr 17, 2013

Oil Paiting Giveaway ~ Dorothy Nicole Photography + Adam Antaloczy Fine Artist

Hi everyone!!  I'm SUPER excited about this weeks giveaway.  I am partnering with Adam Antaloczy from Fayetteville, GA and he's offered to giveaway a FREE 9x12" canvas board to one luck DNP reader!!  I'm VERY excited b/c he has a MARVELOUS talent!!

 I LOVE his oil paintings!!! I've seen a lot of different oil paintings and artists in my life, but there is just something that distinguishes his work from others.  Maybe it's just a little abstract or maybe it's the use of his lines, or the detail he creates...I really have no idea, but I know it's AWESOME!!

Here's some of his work...

You can also visit his FB page for more info, HERE!

So just enter below...there are many ways to earn points and you can do them DAILY!!!  So get ready and spread the word.

If you win, you'll be notified by email and you'll just need to email Adam the image you want painted.

Good Luck!!! 
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