Mar 24, 2014

How to take great pics with your iphone | photography tips | Atlanta based photographer

I don't know about you, but I pretty much always take pics of my kids with my iphone.  I'm sure most of you out there take pics with it too, or your android or windows phone...I guess those are legit phones too...haha! :)

There is a certain art to taking pic with your camera phone...especially if you like to use apps like, instagram!!

First off, follow the same photography guidelines for lighting that I wrote about here.

Secondly, and pretty dang important...take pics from your actually camera NOT in the instagram app.  That means go straight to your camera app and take pics from that.  Do not go into instagram and take pic from there.  The quality won't be as good.  Also, you may have notices, but when you reverse your camera, it's not as good wither.  Selfies are fun, but just not as awesome!

Instagram is so fun, don't we all love it??  But there are some rules I follow there too.  I pretty much stick to the same few filters, my FAVS are rise, valencia, willow, & walden.  I like those filters b/c they add just a touch of something special.  Filters are like editing a pic, so if you add a "strong" filter (for lack of abetter word) you could be distorting you picture a bit.

If you see the pic below, I like the filter I added, but it did make it look a bit "blown out". Which is fine since we're all viewing it on our little phones, but may not look so hot if I ever want to print it or add it to a book!!

If your taking pics outside, you just can't go wrong, because light is great!  You know when you see blurry or grainy pics....95% off the time, it's probably b/c you're in a low light situation.  So light is your best friend when it comes to phone photography or photography, period!!  Below I added the willow filter, b/c some images just need to be black and white!!

 Now, once you've got a good picture, adding a filter in instagram is great,  but I love the PicTapGo app.  It's a fun one with tons of filters and cropping options.  It also allows you to post your full image rather than a cropped version.  Go here and check it out.  You'll thank me later!!

Below are some images I edited on my iphone with PicTapGo and then even cropped a bit.

Again, you have to be careful of filters on these apps.  I had fun adding these filters, but you can tell I may have added a bit too much for the image below.  Again, no big deal b/c we're all viewing it on our tiny screens, but if this were an image I may want to could be bad!!   Also, have to give props to my Dad on this pic...don't you love how out of focus it is?  But the lights were pretty, so I still had to share! :)

One last you ever wonder what to do with all your instagrams?  I mean, we all adore our images we put on insta, so why wouldn't we want to display them in our home.  Dorothy Nicole Photography can help!!

Contact me today to see how you can get your own instagram wall gallery or instagram canvas!! :)

Now, go take some awesome pics with your phone.  Post them to my FB wall here.  I want to see the fun stuff you do!! :)


Mar 20, 2014

Spring Special | Mini Sessions | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

I'm so excited!! The weather is finally warming up and I see blooms popping up all over the place.  It's the perfect time of year to take those pics you've been wanting to hang on your walls!

I am happy to offer the perfect little chance to do that with Spring Mini's!

I'm offering them for a limited time in the ATL area.  And will also be going to Troy, AL and Gulf Shores.

Atlanta (sessions will be in Fayette County): Now thru April 5th

Troy, AL: April 9th & 10th

Gulf Shores, AL: April 11th

Sessions Include:
30 min photo shoot
10 digital images
16x20 fine art canvas (shipping not included)
Mobile app to share with your friends and family

Sessions are limited.  Go check your calandar ASAP and email me to confirm your date!!

or Pay Now here!

Mar 17, 2014

Atlanta-based Photographer | Business Spotlight | Karen Koenig, Nerium AD

Over the last few months, while networking with other business owners, I've met some AMAZING people with some AMAZING businesses. These individuals have done so much to help, support, and motivate me that I want to pay it forward. I am going to be starting a new segment on my blog to promote these individuals and their businesses. I'm gonna call it, the "Business Spotlight". Ok, not super creative, but it fits and it's to the point! haha!

 Today I want to talk about an amazing lady name Karen Koening. She is a brand partner for Nerium AD.

I've heard nothing but amazing things about this product.  Basically...Nerium scientists developed a breakthrough process, NBio-PL2, to derive an extract from the Nerium oleander plant in a way that preserves its unique and beneficial properties. This patented extraction process yields the NAE-8 extract, with powerful antioxidant properties, used to formulate the first-of-its-kind, age-defying Nerium product line.

 Nerium International is "the fastest growing company in direct sales industry" and the the "1st company to reach $100,000,000 in revenue in its 1st year" --Success at Home Magazine.  Recently,  "NeriumAD"  was featured on two daily TV shows; "The View" and "The Doctors" .  And word has spread to Hollywood where NeriumAD has been at several gifting suites including the Emmys, Country music awards and at the Oscars last week!

Below are some before and after shots!

Right now they have an AMAZING offer...
Purchase Nerium AD day & night for 90 days get it free for the fourth month onward for LIFE!!!

Contact Karen (or your consultant) ASAP!!

If you're in the ATL area.  She's having a "Wine and No Lines" party, Monday the 24th @ 6:30pm  at International Laser Therapy in Fayetteville, GA.  Please RSVP to Karen at

If you've ever wanted to work from home, this might be the company you're looking for, they are relatively new and going international this spring! That means huge opportunities for you!  It's an exciting time for Nerium for sure.  Find out more about the opportunity at Karen's page, here.

Oh!  Don't forget to go celebrate the United Nations International Day of Happiness this Thursday.  Nerium is a huge supporter of this day.  Go here to find out more and how to get involved!!

Mar 6, 2014

Italian Leather Flush Mount Album | Products | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

I'm super excited about my newest product!!  Every bride, family, and even senior wants an album to showcase their pictures in throughout their life.  I currently have an awesome linen album you can view HERE, but sometimes I have clients who want a little bit more, for lack of a better word!!

So, I got to work looking for a super luxurious album to add to my collection.  I fell in love with this all leather, flush-mount album!  Of course, you can choose all different colors of Italian leather, but how could I go wrong with turquoise as my presentation, right?

Anyway, your album title can also be embossed (as shown) or foil stamped.  The paper is thick with a rich luster coating.  Also, the pages are filled with you favorite images with an elegant panoramic presentation.

Bottom's beautifully simple from start to finish!!

So, I'd love to know...what do you think?

Mar 3, 2014

Snap Happy | Photography 101 | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Do you wish you could take better snapshots of your kids? Do you wish you had a better camera?

Well, don't worry!! Whether you have an iphone, point & shoot, or a dslr...I'm gonna give you some tips and techniques to make your snaps happy!!

The class will be Thursday March 13thst from 7-8:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Express on the Fayetteville Square!

Tickets are $45.  Bring a friend and get a second ticket for only $25.  That means you get TWO tickets for just $35.  Not bad, right?

Simply click HERE to register!!  Seats are limited to sign up ASAP!!

Have questions EMAIL me!!

Can't wait to see ya then!!


Professional Headshots | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Whew! I've been busy lately with head shots for professionals!  I always enjoy taking them. I enjoy the challenge of finding your fun personality and great smile mixed with your professional side. 

There are a ton of reasons you need an updated head shot.  You need them for business cards, advertising and marketing, company directories, comp cards, or maybe you'll find yourself in a magazine or newspaper...who knows!! Also, these days, with social media being key effort in marketing, everyone needs a head shot for their profile! 

Head Shots need to represent who you are and how you want to be perceived.  Whether you want to be perceived as very professional, fun-loving, or somewhere in between, contact me today to schedule your session.  I can come to your office or we can meet elsewhere....quick, easy, painless and beautiful!! :)

Feb 28, 2014

The {B} Family | Family Portraits | Atlanta Family Photographer

I photographed this family about 2 years ago and was completely honored when she said she wanted to drive 2 hours for me to photograph her family again!! She just had an adorable baby boy who needed newborn pics too.

I met them in Atlanta and we had such a good time.  Her family is precious!  I'm so glad they made the trip here to see me! 

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