Apr 11, 2013

Magic Hour Foundation ~ Portrait Sessions for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Hey Everyone!!  Today I want to tell you about an AWESOME non-profit  called the Magic Hour Foundation.  In the photography world the "magic hour" is that short period of time when the sun sets and rises when the lighting is perfect and cast a perfect yellow glow.  The Magic Hour Foundation relates that transition of the sun to the transition of life that most cancer warriors deal with, "Our clients are in the magic hours of their lives - some are transitioning out of life on this earth and we aim to capture their beauty and preserve it for their families. Some have overcome and are transitioning into a life with more clarity and purpose, disease-free."  

The goal of Magic Hour is to provide cancer patients and survivors with a charitable professional portrait sessions.  AWESOME, right?  If you're a photographer please go sign up to volunteer.  If you know of someone who is a cancer patient or survivor go nominate them!!!  Click HERE for the Magic Hour Foundation website.    I have not had the opportunity to provide a Magic Hour session in my area, but here are some pictures from other awesome photographers in the Magic Hour Network.  Click on their name for more images and to learn about their story and click on the photographer to go to their website.

Katherine by Barb Hogan Contemporary Photography

Now, let me introduce to you Cindy T.  She is the reason why I LOVE this program and why I had to be a part of it.  A year ago a mutual friend was organizing a fundraiser for her and asked If I would provide a photography package.  I knew I wouldn't be able to since I was going to be moving soon, so the next best thing was to offer her and her family a session.  I  just  wanted her family to have these pictures to provide memories of this time.  At the time Cindy had Stage 4 breast cancer, STAGE FOUR!!!!  But, if you spent any time with her at all you knew she was gonna beat it.  Her positive attitude and faith in GOD was HUGE!!!  Sure enough, she is now cancer free!  I am so happy for her and her family!! 

She just posted a pic from our session, on FB, the other day and saying how much she loved that image.   It's just proof that cancer patients and survivors WILL benefit from Magic Hour sessions.  To have those memories forever will be such a gift to survivors and their families, as well as to families who have lost their loved ones to cancer.  

Please go to their website and FB page and share this foundation with everyone you know! :)


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