Jul 1, 2013

Small Fry Cutie Pie ~ Giveaway ~ Dorothy Nicole Photography ~ Atlanta Photographer

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I am so excited to give you guys another giveaway!  This giveaway is so fun because it's a new idea...at least to me!!  Her business name is Small Fry Cutie Pie.  You can go to her Esty page HERE and her FB page HERE!  She just recently created the prototype and is making her products even more awesome with every passing day!  What is her product you ask?

It's called BIBB'IT's!!  Basically it's a onsie with a snap on/off decorative bib with matching shorts/skirt.  Perfect for those droolie babies or worse, acid reflux.  My oldest had the WORST case of Acid reflux and we would have to change her clothes DAILY.  She lived in those ugly thick bibs.  So, personally, I would have LOVED this product 7 years ago.  

With this giveaway, you'll win a choice of THREE products...

A bibb'it for a baby girl with 2 matching decorative bibs..

A bibb'it for a baby boy with 2 matching bibs, one being a faux tie (so cute)...

Or if you don't have a baby, then this cute little dress for an older child.  Ribbons have buttons on them to make this dress adjustable.  Size can be customized.

Here's some other products she's made.  I LOVE the little tie BIBs and the owls are SO cute!! She can even add a little something on a t-shirt for your older kiddos.

So, want to know how to enter?

It's easy just enter below.  You can earn MULTIPLE points and DAILY!!  The giveaway will end on Friday!!  

Good Luck

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