Jul 17, 2013

Dorothy Nicole Photography - The Shop

A couple weeks ago I posted this image... 

 And I was surprised by all the comments and "shares".  Apparently, there are people out there (well,  LDS people) that want some artwork of the Atlanta LDS temple on their walls.  So, I figured I might as well give the people what they want! LOL! :)

So I created a SHOP for you guys to purchase from.  Right now I'm just selling the digital files, but I hope to sell prints or even framing in the future.  Just think of this as the BETA! :)

Also, I plan on taking and selling more images.  Other images that the general public might be interested in, such as the Atlanta skyline. 

I'm pretty excited about this venture, so please share with anyone you may know that holds this specific temple dear to them or maybe they just live in ATL.

I have a few different options to choose from, 10x30, 10x20, and prints for the kids rooms.

So head on over and take a look.  Click HERE for the shop.

Thanks, everyone  for the support!!
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