Jul 8, 2013

Products ~ Brag Book ~ Atlanta Photographer

I'm so excited... I've been ordering products lately to show my clients when we view their gallery together!! I just love being able to show off all the cool stuff they can do with their images.  For now, I'm starting with the basics and I thought I'd give a peek to my blog readers!! :)

Today I'm showing off the cutest little spiral bound brag books.  This is a 5x7 and perfect for the coffee table or to keep on a shelf (if you must).

I love the thick spirals and the cover image is thick and durable, just like a book.  The front image can also be personally customized just for you! :)

It comes with 20 images, more can be added, and it completely lays flat.

ANd the best part, is it can also stand up like a picture frame...PERFECT, right? It's an album... it's a frame...NO, it's a...ugh, Album Frame??  Well, whatever it is...it's AWESOME!! 

So you love it like I do?  Well, when we visit, I'll be sure to tell you all about it and order one just for you!! :)
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