Oct 1, 2013

Alison Chandler | Graphic Designer | Atlanta Commercial Photographer

Over the summer I had the opportunity to do some commercial photography! It was a lot of fun to try something new, but whoa is it different than portrait photography. The details matter, much the same as it does in portrait photography, but the details are very different with commercial photography. The things you have to pay attention to are the lighting, the shadows (shadows are good in commercial photography), the angles, the sharpness, the glares, when to have bokeh (the blurry background) and when not to have bokeh, and did I say the lighting?

I took these pictures for my long time friend and graphic designer, Alison Chandler. First off, she's ah-mah-zing for many reason, but right now I want to tell you why she's an amazing graphic designer. To start, she was so patient with me and my lack of experience with commercial photography.  She really is so patient and encouraging. We've known each other since we were little, so I'm sure she expected me to have at least one tantrum, but she just kept on going, encouraged me and taught me. 

Teaching is why she's a fantastic graphic designer. She didn't just tell me or ask me what I needed.  She taught me what makes a strong brand and why I needed consistency. She also taught me to broaden my mind as to where my business could go in terms of marketing material and design. She doesn't just design, she educates about business and branding. Oh the possibilities that are out there!!

If...wait, no "if"...I know you need a graphic designer. If you have a business (start-up or otherwise).  You need to contact this gal!!  Graphic design is more than just a logo or a blog header. You're business needs to grow and she's got the tools to help you design it and grow it.  Click here to find her on LinkedIn. Click here for her website and to see some of my work...oh I mean, to find out more about her. Of course you can always email her...just click here...you know you want to!

Here is some of the awesome stuff she's created...that I took pics for, of course!

And this is the lovely Alison.  Seriously, don't forget to contact her and tell her Nicole sent ya! :)


One more thing, clearly we started our relationship on a trade...she needed photography and I needed some branding help. Now the trade is over, but there is no doubt I will continue to hire her!!  She already has a vision for me that I know I can't do with out her.  So, I'll gladly (I mean gladly) create a graphic design budget just for her...she is worth every penny.  I am very excited about this aspect of my business.  She has helped me not only with my design needs, but she's helped me to see my budding business on a more professional level.  No more, do I view myself as a "mom"tographer, I take myself and my business more seriously and I have her to thank for that! :)
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