Aug 29, 2013

Panoramic Lay Flat Album | Products | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Let me introduce to you guys the MOST AWESOME wedding Album EVER!! Well, at least in my opinion, that's why I offer it all my clients. There are a million wedding album companies out there and I looked at a lot of them. But, I loved this specific album from on specific company the best for a few reasons:

1. I loved how it lays flat.
2. I love the thickness of the pages.  SUPER durable and professional.
3. I love how the pages have a pearl finish to them.
4. I love how the pages are panoramic.  I can put six images on a page or ONE big one...FUN!
4. I love the image on the front cover.
5. I love the linen cover.

And most of all...

I love the simple elegance of it...just beautiful!

Almost EVERY bride I show it to says they gotta have it!! 

So, hire me as your wedding photographer and it's EASILY yours! :)

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