Sep 4, 2013

Photo Tips | Rule of Thirds | Atlanta Photographer

The "Rule of Thirds"...have you heard of it?  You probably have...but many of you may have not!!  Before I realized I even had an interest in photography, I attended a super Saturday at my local church.  It was basically a Saturday full of crafting.  We had to sign up for certain crafts and someone would give us a lesson and show us how to do it.  One of the things I signed up for was a photography class.  Just like you, I wanted to take better candid shots on my point and shoot or iphone as we know it today! :)  Anyway, That was the first thing he taught us that day.  Rule of Thirds.  I immediately went home and practiced it...and now it's like second nature.

What is it?  Basically you imagine your composite and divide it into 9 parts. Two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.  The idea is that you should focus your subject on the intersection of those lines.  Apparently, the artistic eye is naturally drawn to those places of intersection rather than the center. 

Below are a few examples...

Of course, sometimes you've gotta be a rebel and make up your own rules.  In my early days of photography, I would spend so much time wondering if my composite was "correct".  Then I realized that I had my own style and sometimes, it's the off-center/"crooked" stuff that I love or sometimes the center is the perfect place. 

But there is something to the "Rule of Thirds" and is a rule that should be noted, none the less! :)
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