Oct 28, 2013

The {S} Family | Family Portraits | Atlanta Area Family Photographer

Meet my cousin and his family!! Again, I love it when I get the opportunity to take pics for family members. I grew up seeing my cousin every few years and it's so fun to see his family grow.  I love that we have kids the same age and  now they make memories of their own.  

Phil, you have a great looking family! :) Thanks for asking me to take your family portraits!

Oct 24, 2013

Jose + Maria | Secret Garden Wedding | Fayetteville, GA Wedding Photographer

During the Summer I had the privileged of taking pics for this lovely couple as there were married at Prime Community Park. There is a perfect little gazebo there that creates a great backdrop for big and small weddings alike.  This particular wedding was an intimate occasion.  Just their son and another family, yet  it was so full of love.  Seriously, these two were all smiles and even tears as they made vows to one another.  It was beautiful! It's because of couples like them that I love wedding photography. 

Oct 23, 2013

Tanyecia | Magic Hour Session | Atlanta Area Photographer

Meet Tanyecia!  She is a client I received from the non-profit, Magic Hour Foundation an organization that offers free photo sessions to cancer patients and survivors.  I seem to become friends with all my clients, but something about my Magic Hour Clients that draw me closer.  Maybe it's their story, maybe it's their outlook on life, but there is just something special about their sessions.  We met at the beautiful Prime Community Park here in Fayetteville and just took some time for her!

Tanyecia was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer about a year ago.  She is still fighting!!  I know she'll win this battle b/c she doesn't seem to give up.  She seems to love GOD and everyone who crosses her path.  I feel like she loved me instantly!!

I've recently learned that Tanyecia has an even harder battle than most.  Her hubby recently lost his job and their insurance.  That's right, Tanyecia is fighting cancer, fighting for her life with no insurance.

A sweet friend of her's set up a donation page to help raise funds for her healthcare.  Please go HERE and read more about her and donate if you can.  I think even $5 would add up, don't you?!  If I were in this situation I would hope and pray that people like you and me might be willing to help me out.  So let's answer her prayers.  It's so simple!!

Also, spread the word!! Please repost on FB, Twitter, maybe even instagram.  I would consider it a personal favor.  

Plus, if you make a donation, I will give you 25% off your session fee when you book a session with me.

Now just click on THIS link and help a gal out!! :) 

Thanks so much,

Oct 16, 2013

Bloom | Luncheon and Fashion Show | Fayette County Event Photographer

Bloom in the new name for Fayette Youth Protection Homes.  It's a non-profit organization designed to assist foster children and foster parents in the Fayette County area.  Such a great program, right?  In 2008 they also opened up a clothing closet designed to give foster children clothing and supplies.  I'm not sure what their facility was like a few years ago, but today it is fantastic!! I mean, unbelievably fabulous!!  

Please learn more about their program and volunteer your time (and perhaps your money) by visiting www.bloomouryouth.org.

They recently had an luncheon and fashion show to unveil their new name.  I was lucky enough to be a part of that by documenting that day through photography.  They are all such great people and a great program. 

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