Jun 3, 2013

50th Birthday Party ~ Prime Community Secret Garden ~ Atlanta Event Photographer

Meet Alfred Dingler...he is one of the owner's of Prime financial company here in Fayetteville, GA.  You need anything from financial advice or management to insurance, job counseling, or even divorce mediation...they can do it!  As a matter of fact, there's not much they can't do.  They also seem to have time to build a REMARKABLE garden right in their backyard.  I mean it's beautiful!  My kids LOVE going there and running around and looking at all the neat things and nature there.  It's very peaceful.  Visit The Prime Community ~ Secret Garden next time your in Fayetteville or host your next event...you won't be sorry!

Anyway, back to Alfred...he and his wife, Jolene, have taken me under their wing and teaching me all things business.  I mean, I may have a talent for photography, but there are some basic lessons I needed to learn about running a successful business in general! :)  Oh!  Sorry, back to Alfred....I had the pleasure of photographing his 50th bday party, and let me tell you, he is one loved man.  He is blessed!  He has tons of clients and friends show up to celebrate his day.  You reap what you sew b/c I cannot think of a more compassionate and caring businessman or person than him (and Jolene, of course)!

It was also catered by The Grand Gourmet in McDonough, GA!!  WOW, they are AMAZING!!!  Seriously you've never had spinach and artichoke dip until you've tasted theirs AND they make gluten free GOOD, for those of you interested! :)

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