May 24, 2013

The {A} Family ~ Atlanta Family Photographer

It was so fun seeing my friend and her family after so MANY years have gone by.  We are sorority sisters from back in the day at Good Ole Troy University!!  In fact, we lived on the Phi Mu hall during our freshman year and her and her roomie were the one's to introduce me to the Wal-Mart brand peanut butter cups.  Never had them?  Well, you need to go straight to the Wal-Mart candy isle and pick some creamy!!!  I'm pretty sure they began hiding them as soon as I walked towards their room.  HA!

Anyway, years later and here she is with a beautiful family and a TALL husband!  Why do tall guys always marry the short girls?  Tall girls like me will NEVER be ok with that!  Ok, I'm actually a little over it since I'm not in my dating years, but you know I had to give her a hard time!  LOL!  

It really was so fun meeting her family and what a GREAT and beautiful family they are!!

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