Dec 13, 2011

The {D} Family ~ Evans, GA Family Photographer

I seriously had SO much fun with this family!  That is something I just love about my job.  There are really so many wonderful people out there and it's my pleasure to meet them.  This family just joked with each other and laughed the whole time.  I honestly felt like I was part of their family!  You can truly feel the love {even with the sibling rivalry going on...hehehe}.  That you {D} family for the fun!

Also, they asked me to design their Christmas Card.  It is so much fun designing cards.  I would have NEVER thought I could, but I guess that's what you get when you say NEVER! :)

Their Christmas Card!

roesfrontfinal copy dewyeafinal copy

Their Family! webdewyea1 copy webdewyea18 webdewyea20 webdewyea13 webdewyea117 webdewyea5
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