Mar 24, 2014

How to take great pics with your iphone | photography tips | Atlanta based photographer

I don't know about you, but I pretty much always take pics of my kids with my iphone.  I'm sure most of you out there take pics with it too, or your android or windows phone...I guess those are legit phones too...haha! :)

There is a certain art to taking pic with your camera phone...especially if you like to use apps like, instagram!!

First off, follow the same photography guidelines for lighting that I wrote about here.

Secondly, and pretty dang important...take pics from your actually camera NOT in the instagram app.  That means go straight to your camera app and take pics from that.  Do not go into instagram and take pic from there.  The quality won't be as good.  Also, you may have notices, but when you reverse your camera, it's not as good wither.  Selfies are fun, but just not as awesome!

Instagram is so fun, don't we all love it??  But there are some rules I follow there too.  I pretty much stick to the same few filters, my FAVS are rise, valencia, willow, & walden.  I like those filters b/c they add just a touch of something special.  Filters are like editing a pic, so if you add a "strong" filter (for lack of abetter word) you could be distorting you picture a bit.

If you see the pic below, I like the filter I added, but it did make it look a bit "blown out". Which is fine since we're all viewing it on our little phones, but may not look so hot if I ever want to print it or add it to a book!!

If your taking pics outside, you just can't go wrong, because light is great!  You know when you see blurry or grainy pics....95% off the time, it's probably b/c you're in a low light situation.  So light is your best friend when it comes to phone photography or photography, period!!  Below I added the willow filter, b/c some images just need to be black and white!!

 Now, once you've got a good picture, adding a filter in instagram is great,  but I love the PicTapGo app.  It's a fun one with tons of filters and cropping options.  It also allows you to post your full image rather than a cropped version.  Go here and check it out.  You'll thank me later!!

Below are some images I edited on my iphone with PicTapGo and then even cropped a bit.

Again, you have to be careful of filters on these apps.  I had fun adding these filters, but you can tell I may have added a bit too much for the image below.  Again, no big deal b/c we're all viewing it on our tiny screens, but if this were an image I may want to could be bad!!   Also, have to give props to my Dad on this pic...don't you love how out of focus it is?  But the lights were pretty, so I still had to share! :)

One last you ever wonder what to do with all your instagrams?  I mean, we all adore our images we put on insta, so why wouldn't we want to display them in our home.  Dorothy Nicole Photography can help!!

Contact me today to see how you can get your own instagram wall gallery or instagram canvas!! :)

Now, go take some awesome pics with your phone.  Post them to my FB wall here.  I want to see the fun stuff you do!! :)

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