Oct 20, 2012

The {L} Family ~ Atlanta Family Photographer

Just when I was ready to start blogging my sessions from my new area (that would be the great ATL!!) I realized I never blogged my sisters session!!  Yeah, there are perks in having a photographer in the family, but the downside?  It pretty much took me about 3 1/2 months to mail them to her...oops! What can I say? I was busy relocating my family across the county!! Oh well, I'm sure I won't loose her as a client! hehe!!  

We had a good time with this session.  I was in California with her for a little over a month talking about taking her family pictures.  In true "Schafer" (my maiden name) style, we waited until the last few days I was there and we even waited until THAT very afternoon to decide to go for it!  I think they turned out pretty well considering we were flying my the seat of our pants! :)  I miss them so much already! weblesley30 weblesley24 weblesley13 weblesley20 weblesley10 weblesley9 weblesley4 weblesley2 web2lesley3

Oct 9, 2012

The {A} Family ~ Atlanta Family Photographer

This was the last family session I did while I was in California.  Such a sweet and gorgeous family!!  For those of you out there nervous to take pics at your house, pay attention to this session.  This family had 6 children and MANY responsibilities, coming up with a perfect time and place seemed a little difficult.  So, I just suggested we do it at their house to keep it simple and told Mom it would work fine.  Seriously, there's always something picturesque at any home.  I'm actually a fan of this myself, as it just makes a the photo shoot a little less stressful for the family.  We simply used their garage door and their backyard fence as "backdrops".  PERFECT! :)
weballen36 weballen39 weballen20 weballen15 weballen11 weballen8 weballen5 weballen29 weballen1

2012 Fall Mini Sessions

Going on NOW until Thanksgiving!!  Call TODAY, only 6 spots left!! :)

You can reach Nicole at 479.856.4625 or nicole@dorothynicolephotography.com

fall mini session2012

Oct 4, 2012

The {K} family ~ Atlanta Family Photographer

How I adore this family!!  I only see them about once a year when I go visit my sister and my parents in Cali!  They are in a word, AWESOME!!  In fact, I'm pretty sure I agreed to an arranged marriage  with my oldest daughter and their youngest son.  All is cost me was 10 free photo sessions.  You know, a dowry...is that weird?  LOL!  Seriously, I always have so much fun with them.  Don't they have some handsome boys?  This was the second summer I've taken their family pics and can't wait to do it again! :)

webkhan1 webkhan2 webkhan7 webkhan13 webkhan17 webkhan24 webkhan30 webkhan34 webkhan35 webkhan11
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