Jan 16, 2012

Valentines day freebies, Take 2!

Not only can you get these adorable downloads for photoshop, but now you can get...

These ...

 I know, some of you out there didn't have photoshop co I wanted make sure your kiddos had something adorable to hand out on Valentines day as well!!  So, you get a sheet full of these adorable little tags.  I figured you would add them to a full sized Starburst or even those mini's!! :)

Just click on the "Exclusive Download" tab below.


Jan 12, 2012

Valentine's Freebie ~ Augusta, GA photographer

 I'm so excited to share a valentines I've been working on JUST for you.  I have two templates to choose from, one for your little boy and one for your little girl.  You can attach a lolly pop or treat and your good to go! Your little Valentine will be the only one in the class with such a cool valentine! :)  You will need photoshop to add your childs pic.

***If you download it, please head on over to my FB page, HERE, and "like" it!!  Maybe even stop in and say "HI"! :)***

Feel free to share the link to the blog post on your blog or FB page as well!  Share the LOVE! :)

Simply click the link below and then click "download original" tab on the top right to download the .psd format

Click HERE for the girl format.

Click HERE for the boy format.

These are 2.5 in x 3.5 inch so you should be able to put Two Valentines on One 5x7 print.


Jan 11, 2012

New Years Special ~ Augusta, GA Photographer

Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone's New Year has started out with a BANG! If not, here's a little pick me up! Book a session by January 31st, and you'll get a free 11x14 print and 2 digital images. Your session can be anytime between now and March 15th, but must be booked by the end of the month. Spread the word to all your friends and family in the Augusta area! :) 

Look forward to meeting you and your family! Thanks! 

PS...Check out the pricing tab for more info on pricing. 

Jan 9, 2012

Laundry Mat Session ~ Augusta, GA Childrens Photographer

I'm always looking for new fun and creative places to do photo sessions.  I especially LOVE it when my customers jump on board.  A new fun place to shoot at just makes everything more exciting!!  However, My fun and creative ideas are far and few between.  Leave me a comment below if you have any you'd like to share!

I was very excited how these pics turned out!!  VERY!!  I had such a HARD time deciding which ones were my favs.  Oh well, hope you guys don't mind lots of pics to look at! :)

weblaundry9 weblaundry14 weblaundrymat5 weblaundrymat16 weblaundrymat12 weblaundrymat11 weblandrymat20 2weblaudrymat3 2weblaundrymat1 weblaundrymat7 2weblaundrymat4
weblaundrymat22 weblaundrymat15 2webaundrymat17

Jan 6, 2012

The {G} Family ~ Augusta, GA Family Photographer

It was a little bit chilly during this shoot, but those kiddos were troopers!  I just loved catching the kids being kids.  My favorite picture is the family pic and big brother is stepping on his sisters toes.  LOVE it!!  This is one AWESOME family!  They are both so laid back, I totally envy that.  I'll have to try to be around them as much as possible, maybe they'll rub off on me! :)
webgittens16 webgittens31 webgittens6 webgittens8 webgittens17 webgittens21 webgittens4 webgittens7 webgittens25

Jan 4, 2012

Smash Cake Session ~ Evan, GA Baby Photographer

I had such fun with this shoot!!  Of course, I did have some motivation, no one gets cake until she's smashed it!  Yes, we would eat a cake that she has smashed.  We're all related!!  LOL! :)  I wish I had done a session like this with my other two.  I did take pictures of them eating their cupcakes, but this was the first session my baby was allowed to get down and dirty.  It's just so adorable watching a baby smash cake into their mouths!! If you have a baby turning one soon...Let's do it!! :)

If you're in the Augusta area and you need a cake and especially a smash cake contact Alecia with Alecia's cakes and crafts!!
websmash9 websmash4 websmash10 websmashcake1 websmashcake

Jan 3, 2012

The {D} Family ~ Evans, GA Family Photographer

I was so excited when I got a phone call out of the blue from Mrs. D asking me to take her family pics!!  So exciting and such a pleasure!!  Such a nice family to know AND adorable kids.  She is a lucky and busy woman, with 3 handsome little boys and 1 sweet little princess.  I'm so glad they introduced me to this park.  It provided so many great photo ops and on such a beautiful day!!  AWESOME!!!!  
dotsons17 webdotson8 copy webdotsons14 webdotson24 webdotsons10 webdotson4copy webdotsons11 copy webdotson1 webdotsons15
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