Jan 12, 2012

Valentine's Freebie ~ Augusta, GA photographer

 I'm so excited to share a valentines I've been working on JUST for you.  I have two templates to choose from, one for your little boy and one for your little girl.  You can attach a lolly pop or treat and your good to go! Your little Valentine will be the only one in the class with such a cool valentine! :)  You will need photoshop to add your childs pic.

***If you download it, please head on over to my FB page, HERE, and "like" it!!  Maybe even stop in and say "HI"! :)***

Feel free to share the link to the blog post on your blog or FB page as well!  Share the LOVE! :)

Simply click the link below and then click "download original" tab on the top right to download the .psd format

Click HERE for the girl format.

Click HERE for the boy format.

These are 2.5 in x 3.5 inch so you should be able to put Two Valentines on One 5x7 print.


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