Jan 4, 2012

Smash Cake Session ~ Evan, GA Baby Photographer

I had such fun with this shoot!!  Of course, I did have some motivation, no one gets cake until she's smashed it!  Yes, we would eat a cake that she has smashed.  We're all related!!  LOL! :)  I wish I had done a session like this with my other two.  I did take pictures of them eating their cupcakes, but this was the first session my baby was allowed to get down and dirty.  It's just so adorable watching a baby smash cake into their mouths!! If you have a baby turning one soon...Let's do it!! :)

If you're in the Augusta area and you need a cake and especially a smash cake contact Alecia with Alecia's cakes and crafts!!
websmash9 websmash4 websmash10 websmashcake1 websmashcake


  1. Of course, I LOVE a cake smash! Great photos, Nicole!

  2. I LOVE a cake smash, of course. These are super cute!


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