Nov 28, 2010

Baby Break

Thank you to all my customers I've had over the last two years. I truly appreciate your business and referrals. I am just in AWE of how my little business has grown. But I am sorry to say that I must take a break. A baby break that is! ;) My third daughter will be born tomorrow (11/29). I will be taking a couple months off to take care of my growing family. I will be back in late march/early April. I will be happy to book sessions now for that time period, just email me. I will really miss taking your pictures as I enjoy it so much, but am very excited to welcome our new addition and spend time with her!

Please come back to my blog or facebook page in the future as I will be offering GREAT deals upon my return. If you've not yet become a Facebook fan, please do so!! Once I return I will be gearing up my business for 2011. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Happy Holidays to you all and I'll see you in the spring!

Nicole Bolinger
Dorothy Nicole Photography
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