Feb 3, 2014

Jake + Andrea | Wedding | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

The first of the year I was lucky enough to be flown to Sunny Cali to photograph a wedding of an amazing couple with an Ah-mazing love story!!  He went to Mexico on a Mission for his church and met this sweet young lady...just friends!  He then got home, they found each other on FB, messaged each other, started chatting, then skyping and then he soon found himself in Mexico visiting her.  He knew she was the one so he proposed.  What truly makes their story so romantic is what they have sacrificed to be together.  He's worked day and night to save money to get his beautiful fiance to the USA, they've dealt with all the nightmare that comes along with immigration and she packed her life up into 2 suitcases and said goodbye to her family...all for him! :)  Sweet, right?

The main reason I love photographing weddings is because you can really tell when two people are totally in love they way they are...seriously, it's adorably obnoxious!  Just kidding!  You know we all make fun of newlyweds just because we're jealous!  haha!

Anyway, Cali didn't let me down, it was so pretty and sunny out that day.  They were married in the LDS Sacramento California Temple, so I wasn't able to take pics of the ceremony, but I am so excited about all the beautiful pics I got.  They are all such a great family.  Their fun personalities sure came out in all the pics which makes these memories even better! :)

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