Mar 26, 2013

What to Wear For Family Photos ~ Fashion Blogger, Ali Henrie

 Hey Everyone!  I'm super excited about my post today b/c I have a GUEST BLOGGER!!  My beautiful friend, Ali...
...Isn't she beautiful?!  Anyway, as I was saying, my beautiful friend, Ali is a marvelous fashion blogger over at With an i.e..  Seriously, she knows what's up with ALL things fashion.  Check out her blog for DIY's, fashion tips and trends, how to's,  and sometimes some yummy recipes.  She's even been on TV with a fashion segment on a local news show. You can check her out in action HERE.

She knows what she's talking about when it comes to style and fashion.  Today, she's guest blogging  about What To Wear for Family Photos!!  A question ALL my clients have, so pay attention! ;)
She's giving a few tips to get you thinking about and planning outfits for family photos that really POP!  Here we go...

 Pick a style that represents your family such as dressy, casual, playful, etc. Also when thinking about style, pick a style that will work with the location of where you will be having your pictures taken.

Color Palette
 I find it helps to have at least 3 different colors even if the third color is just a pop of color. It's easier if you pick colors that you already have or that are in style because it will make shopping for the pictures a lot easier. If you have a piece of clothing you love and know you want to wear, start with that and pick your colors around that piece of clothing.


 Mix Different Colors and Patterns
 Don't put everyone in the same colored top and bottom (we all have old family photos like this). Feel free to use pattern, but don't overdo it and be sure to use different size patterns to balance it out. Also, try to avoid logos or words, because those items can be distracting.

 Foundation Piece
I find that if you select a piece of clothing you really want to wear then you can use that as the base for picking out the rest of the items. I tend to start with the girls because they have more choices and it is easier to find something simple and that coordinates for the boys. (Although sometimes I start with the baby because you are limited on what they can wear since they don't have as many choices in stores).

Layers helps to create more visual interest. Adding a jacket, cardigan, belt, scarf or other accessory helps to create a complete look and can really add to your photos.

 One last thing I like to do is to lay out each person's outfit to visualize the overall look. This is wear you can really see if you need more color here or there or if you should have someone wear a different colored top or bottom. Don't worry about matching colors exactly. You want it to look coordinated, but also somewhat effortless.

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