Feb 27, 2012

The {B} Family ~ Evans, GA Family Photographer

I was so excited when I booked a session with this family.  They are so very nice and even had little girls the same age as my girls.  So fun!  I see a play date in our future...hehe! :) 

It was a beautiful winter/spring day, sorry just not sure what season we're in lately.  We did the session at their house which is always great b/c it just makes everyone more relaxed.  If you don't think your house is "picture worthy" don't worry, it's about your family and the relationships, not about the background! 

Anyway, this was a great session and I may have just made a new friend!  Thanks {B} family for your kindness! :)

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Feb 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Tea Party ~ Augusta, GA photographer

My daughter walks from school (sometimes) with a couple friends.  I asked their Mother's if they would be interested in having a special Valentines tea party for them.  My daughter was SO excited about Valentines Day I felt I had to do something special for her.  Anyway, the mother's said YES!!  Which made me super happy b/c they are both super crafty and super sweet!  My friend, Jessica took care of the decor, isn't it FAB?  My other friend, Penny took care of the delectable fruit and veggies.  Seriously, the fruit and veggies made the whole party, so colorful and YUMMY!  I ate them up!!  And I took care of the "tea",  tea cups and, of course, the photography.  I think we made a pretty good team! :)

The girls had a blast.  I did however, expect them to make a HUGE deal of how wonderful it was, but rather, they just quickly ate, toasted each other, ate a bit more, and then moved on to something else.  That's kids for ya!  But I think we made a great memory anyway! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

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