May 28, 2010

Eve Agee

Meet Eve Agee! She is a remarkable woman and Author!! Seriously, she is so intelligent AND polite!! The whole time I worked with her she remained completely considerate, respectful, and VERY appreciative!! I know I could take some lessons from her! She recently released a book called The Uterine Health Companion: A Holistic Guide to Lifelong Wellness.You can read more about her and see her updated headshot (by yours truly) at



May 24, 2010

an afternoon with Bluebird

This photo session was one big HUGE compliment to me! Meet Lindsey... the gal behind Bluebird Photography!! She asked me to take pics of her and her lil' man for a Mothers Day gift to her Mother. It's just a huge compliment that another photog liked my work enough to ask me to take pics for her. I have to admit, I was a little nervous!!! :) Nerves aside, I LOVED how they turned out and she did too! :) Thanks Bluebird and much success to you!!






May 13, 2010

Clarissa and Joe

I love engaged couples...have I said that before?? These two have had a whirlwind engagement. They dated for a while about 18 months ago and then this sweet young lady wanted to serve a mission through her church. She left for 18 months and this patient lover boy waited patiently for her to return. The minute she got back into town he proposed!! Isn't that so sweet?? Seriously, this was only about 2 weeks ago and they are getting married at the end of the month!! The heart wants what the heart wants!! Congrats Clarissa and Joe! :)






May 7, 2010

First communion and cotillion

This family had a lot going on recent. Two of the kids had their first communion and the oldest daughter has her cotillion this year. So of course we had to have a photo session to capture these siblings in their formal attire. They all looked so nice and it's so fun to watch siblings interact with their different personalities. Thanks gang for allowing me to be a part of your special family events!!


wm28 copy 2


I just love this picture. To me it just SCREAMS brother and sister....It makes me laugh!! I don't know if it's a "framer" for mom, but I enjoy looking at it! ;)

wmimg7 copy

May 5, 2010


I had such a good time taking pics of these 2 little ones! Baby boy was wide awake and eager to look at the camera, which made for some great shots!! Big sister was not as eager, but she was TOO CUTE to not get a good shot of. We just gave her a healthy dose of attention all to herself and I snapped away. I think I got some great shots of her being "HER"! :) It was a dark, gloomy, and rainy day, but we stayed dry and cozy in doors and had a fun little session! :)









May 3, 2010


This Family is truly AMAZING!!! They are a true pleasure to get to know. Mom and Dad are HILARIOUS people and truly inspiring! Their oldest daughter has cerebral palsy and they are some of most hardworking, honest, and fun loving family despite their adversity. They truly embrace LIFE! :) Mom also has a little side cake business Kisses of Kaluha... so of the best bunt cakes you will ever taste. Check out her website here, she ships too!!!! :) She schduled this mini session with me to take a couple pics of the kids for her hubbies B-day. Isn't that so sweet?? I am happy to report that he LOVED them! I am looking forward to family pics with them in the future! :)


wmimg9 copy



I made this collage specifically for Sweet Elizabeth. AFter I saw the pics I got It was just calling my name. "Oath of GOD" is the biblical meaning of her name...Isn't it perfect?
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