May 3, 2010


This Family is truly AMAZING!!! They are a true pleasure to get to know. Mom and Dad are HILARIOUS people and truly inspiring! Their oldest daughter has cerebral palsy and they are some of most hardworking, honest, and fun loving family despite their adversity. They truly embrace LIFE! :) Mom also has a little side cake business Kisses of Kaluha... so of the best bunt cakes you will ever taste. Check out her website here, she ships too!!!! :) She schduled this mini session with me to take a couple pics of the kids for her hubbies B-day. Isn't that so sweet?? I am happy to report that he LOVED them! I am looking forward to family pics with them in the future! :)


wmimg9 copy



I made this collage specifically for Sweet Elizabeth. AFter I saw the pics I got It was just calling my name. "Oath of GOD" is the biblical meaning of her name...Isn't it perfect?
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