Mar 8, 2010

A springtime debut...

This past weekend was beautiful here, so of course we had to go to the park along with the million other people in Fayetteville. Did anyone else go? Seriously, I have never seen them so packed! We went to Wilson park first and then decided that Gully park was a "little" less packed. Anyway we had a grand ole time at the park. We flew kites, played with pinwheel, ate snacks, and of course played in the creek. Cold or not, my kids won't leave that park without getting in the creek.

It was a perfect day to take pics with so many things going on. So I took a couple snapshots and then decided to see what kind of fun effect I could do to them. When I take pics of my clients I try to keep it simple so I had fun with these. Hope you like them!






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