Jan 29, 2013

Eliza and Michael ~ Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Oh How I adored this wedding!!  Such a fun couple and family!  They had their reception at a bowling alley, how fun is THAT?!  The bride is actually my first cousin once removed, that's my first cousin's daughter.  Believe me, it took my sister and I quite some time to figure that out, haha!  I was BEYOND excited when she hired me for her wedding, airfare included!!  Yippee!!  What made it even more special was that I had a special assistant, my Aunt (the Bride's Grandmother)!! Her and my Uncle were wedding photographer's in the 80's!!  I very much valued her assistance and opinions!

Eliza was a gorgeous Bride and she made an AWESOME choice in her groom.  Such a sweet and fun couple.  They were married at an LDS temple in Minneapolis, MN and their reception was downtown Minneapolis.  Can I just say that Minneapolis is such a cool city....Really!!  I could TOTALLY live there!!  Congrats, Eliza and Michael!!

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