Nov 19, 2011

The {S} Family ~ Evans, GA family photographer

Another fun Family!!!  I just love watching how siblings interact with each other.  They are always so fun.  I hope my girls love each other as much as these kiddos do!  I just love all the joking and teasing. It's also so interesting to see how birth order effect their personalities.  You can totally tell whose the oldest and whose the baby and whose in the middle!  It's GREAT! :)  Their Dad is deployed right now so Mom wanted to take some pics of the kids.  What a gorgeous family!! :)

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The {B} Family ~ North Augusta Family Photographer

This may be the sweetest nicest family EVER!  Seriously!!  That is one thing I LOVE about my job.  There are so many NICE people out there and I love spending time with them all!  We went to North Augusta to take these pics and that is SUCH a cute little area.  I'm so glad they brought me there!

The mother sells Scentsy too.  She worked a Holiday Boutique with me the other night and let me tell you...She was WORKIN' it!!  I think her booth was a FAVORITE!! Here's her link if any of you need to find a consultant!  

They are a great Family!  Thanks guys! :)

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Nov 7, 2011

The {S} Family ~ Evans, GA Family Photographer

I was so excited when this client agreed to take pics at the fair.  I just put the idea out there and she LOVED it!  Her kids did GREAT too despite all the fun and colorful surroundings!  There really was so many fun places to take pictures.  We didn't even get half way through the fair.  Which works out great because I may have another client interested in a session there!  YIPPEE!  Thanks S Family for the fun evening! 

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