Jan 22, 2011

The Everyday Occasions

So I have a new years goal this year to take more "everyday" pictures with my good camera. I've always been so scared to tote it around while taking pictures of our everyday life. I have been using just my point and click for such occasions. But, I figure, that's no fun! I spent good money on my camera so I might as well use it. Let's be honest, it takes WAY better pics than my tiny little point and shoot. Also, this will allow be to be more creative and even improve my photography skills! So I'm throwing caution to the wind and busting out my BIG ole professional camera for EVERY occasion! Don't be surprised if you see more of my "everyday" life on this blog!

Below are pics from our recent snow storm. I hope everyone had FUN! :)






Jan 15, 2011

my latest Muse

Or Muse(s) rather!! I am still on a baby break, but old habits die hard I guess! :) I gotta take pictures of something or someone. So who better than my 3 gorgeous little girls? We are adjusting well around here. I could probably manage to break away from a nursing baby for an hour session every now and again, but the big question is... when would I edit?? That would be an entirely different problem. Ask my pile of unfolded laundry how much time I've been giving it! but give me another month or so and I think I will have my time management under control! Until then please enjoy a random post here and there. Miss you all! :)




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