Oct 27, 2010

2 Year Old Portraits

I first met this blue eyes cutie patootie about a year ago! This photo shoot he was on the go!! But luckily for me, I have a 2 year old too, so I knew just how to handle it. We pretty much ran up and down Dickson and I caught some cute little shots when he least expected it! He's a cute little guy, hopefully I get to see him when he's THREE! :)






Oct 19, 2010

Christmas Special Shoot

This is a GREAT family with whom I did a Christmas Card special! Can't wait to work on their card! ALSO, he is one of the coaches for the University of Arkansas Basketball team and this picture will be in the U of A Basketball Media Guide!! EXCITING!! So, to all of you basketball fans out there...be on the lookout!! :) Thanks Nelson Family for being such GREAT customers!!


Oct 11, 2010

Baby "W" six month portraits

This little boy is one of the MOST adorable little guys EVER!! His mom gave me the pleasure of taking his 6 month portraits. He had JUST started sitting up and he was so happy and joyful!




And then he tumbled over a little and was NOT a happy camper...poor little guy! But, isn't he ADORABLE even when he's upset?? I think this picture is priceless! :)

Thanks baby "W" for being a good sport for me! :)

Oct 4, 2010

Christmas Card Special


This special is designed especially to help you get a start on those Christmas cards at an affordable cost! By ordering cards through me you can choose as many images as you like to put on your card, receive 10% of your total card purchase, AND have the option to buy a CD of ALL the edited images for only $45 extra.
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