Dec 31, 2009

Simple Things

I promised my parents MONTHS ago I would take some close up B&W shots for them to put up in their house (I guess the other grandkids have already given them some like that...LOL). I, of course, forgot about it, then Christmas rolled around. So it was a perfect way to play it off as if I was just waiting to give the pics to them for Christmas...Brilliant, I know!!! :) I love these pics, they are my all time favs of my kids. The simplicity just makes them beautiful!!

Happy New years Everyone! Please return soon for a posting on my New Years Special!!

Dec 18, 2009

The Gangs All Here

I had such a nice time with this family. As a mother myself, it's always so fun to see how each child has a different personality...and that sure was the case here!! They are one loving family and the mother is sure an inspiration. She is a busy, busy woman, but you know she LOVES her family! It was a rainy day and this sweet family bared with me as they were willing to sit on wet cement and everything! :) Thanks gang!

Dec 14, 2009

Typical Teen

This "pre-teen" was pretty grumpy about getting his pics made. I had to promise I would be quick and I think his Mom even promised him Taco Bell...ha, gotta love it! :) We got through it and he even enjoyed himself, though he would never admit it! They were a very sweet duo...Thanks mother and son!

Just for Fun!!!

Dec 10, 2009

The family that started it all...

Almost a year and a half ago the mother of this fun family asked me to take pictures for them. They were my FIRST clients EVER!! You see, I had been taking pictures of my own children for a couple years and never really thought about taking pictures for other people. So when she asked me I was totally suprised and flattered. And that is how Dorothy Nicole Photography all started! Thanks so much "J" for your trust and inspiration. I have seriously enjoyed meeting and taking pictures for all my clients! You are ALL wonderful! I have so many pictures I wanat to share from this session so bear with me...

From nicole

From nicole

From nicole

From nicole

Dec 4, 2009

Holiday Mini Sessions

I've been a little busy lately with these mini sessions and well, LIFE!!!! :) But that is a good thing, right? I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas. It's gonna be here before we know it! I've had a couple inquiries about more mini sessions. Just email me and I will be happy to fit you in when I can. Remember the mini sessions are 20min. and you will get a CD with 5 edited images...only$35!!!

From Collages

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