Jun 25, 2009

Linsenmeyer ~ Oklahoma Cit Wedding Photographer

I headed to Oklahoma City for a dear friends wedding and ended up the wedding photographer!! ;) How you ask?? We'll when the current photographer (aka brother in law) jumped on board "the boat" for the bachelor party, he got off with a sprained ankle. I got a phone call that morning from the bride asking if I would step in. I was a little nervous to be honest, but the alternative would be to say "NO" to the bride and that just wasn't gonna happen!! ;) So, after all was said and photographed I think the pictures turned out GREAT!! She was a beautiful bride and they are truly perfect for one another!! Cheers to the Linsenmeyers! ;)

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Jun 17, 2009

Tired Little Blue Eyes

I tried to be a little "artistic" with this fun family!!!  Little blue eyes was tired and hungry, but he flashed me some great looks regardless!  His blue eyes are fabulous, he is even SO cute when he cries. ;)  

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Jun 10, 2009

Finally A Pretty Day

So, it's been a while.... thanks to thunderstorms popping up conveniently on many days I had a shoot scheduled! ;) But, I think constant rain has passed and sunny days ahead so there should be more posts soon.

It was so fun to take pictures of the cute little blue eyed boy and his energetic older sisters. It was so easy to capture their natural chemistry as siblings, and on such a BEAUTIFUL day!

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